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    How to play with friends?

    Hello ! Can you explain us more details about your current setup ? What do you use : Personnal Computer ? VPS ? Dedicate Server ? If in the case you use your own Personnal Computer you have some tools and step to do. I have wanted to make a tutorial for making it working ^^ ! So here the step : First you need to setting up your Windows FireWall Set in UDP the port "5400" by default or other number if you have change this number. You need to do it 2 times, Interne connection and Extern connection. When this is done, you need to check your rooter/modem. Does your modem allow the UDP port '5400' too ? For my case it's automaticly add with the first startup of the Intersect Server.exe ( when it's needed to start it in admin ). If it's not added, you need to do it manually, it's not very complicated. Good all the majors step are done. We can allow external connection to read us ip+port ( Only this one ). You need now to get a DNS refresher or an other LAN software. More effective in this case it's : No-Ip or you can select : LoginMeInHamachi For both using you need to creat an account on one of them device of your choice When your No-Ip account is done download the DNS refresher Client ( DUC ) : Here You need to make a custom DNS on this page : Here and press ' Create Hostname ' You need to put ONLY custom value on : Hostname text field & Domain like this : Exemple , and put ' Creat Hostname ". Now you need to install the No-Ip Client ( DUC ) , log into it, you have to select your recent no-ip dns just created. and it's done ! You could use your External Public IP in clear, or the DNS You need edit the Client or Editor config.json for to be able to read the server on external computer. 1 Client or Editor for yourself who keep reading ( I say you are on a Personnal Computer ) And need and other Client / Editor with modifier config.json who read the ' External IP or DNS " The most effective it's reading by DNS cause the DUC make a refresh of your IP DNS every 5 minutes, so if you restart your modem you don't need to send again your External Ip it's done automaticly. When your LoginMeInHamachi account is done you need to download the client : Here Your friend need to do it too. / ! \ It's only a 14 days trials, but old version of this one was without this trials ( It's not a crack ! ^^ ) You need to creat a channel on this client Your friends need to join it too. Hamachi normaly return you a custom IPv4 IP, Copy it And modify your Client or Editor config.json files with this IP. You just need to make 1 copy of thoses folder, no need to make one for local and one for hamachi. It's work too If you are on VPS / DEDICATED SERVER : First you need to setting up your Windows FireWall Set in UDP the port "5400" by default or other number if you have change this number. You need to do it 2 times, Interne connection and Extern connection. Modify Client & Editor config.json files with your VPS / Dedicated server IP. And it's done ! Happy if this helping
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    Tilesets pack

    Version 1.0.0


    3 tilesets that are optimized for the engine the Internet has a lot of tailsmo but their long search, the majority (80%) is not optimized during the mapping, it turns out that they *curves* and adjust all hands for too long, so I decided to add in this pack tilesets which will find topics and to optimize the use :*
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    How to play with friends?

    Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. I searched the forum, but I did not find anything clear about making the game work on another computer, in my case I want my friend to join the game with me to test and develop together. When the server starts it starts with port 5400 and on the client in the configs the ip "localhost" and when I change the "localhost" for an IP the server starts, but always goes offline. When I unzipped the files, I started the server, then the client, I created the account all the way up, then I accessed the client configuration and edited the ip with the notepad I wanted some help with that ...
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    Hello all ! I have just having a suggestion to maybe add on Intersect. One day I have try to make a class with the specification to Buff he's friends = Party Member or Guild member. The suggestion it this one : When we creat a New Spell, can we get the choice to apply it on us Party Members. Just imagine we have a CheckBox with a text like : " This skill do Party Effect ? " If the skill have < Bonus > it's a possitive value, If the skill have < Malus > it's a negative value. This idea/suggestion can be using for Guild too ! If the guild system can have Level ranking too, we can imagine to creat some Guild Spell used only by the Guild Master ? Vice ? or Member too ? A special Guild Buff, who is effective when guild member are logged in the game ? Using the same idea, with a CheckBox : ' This skill do Guild Effect ? " . - Arius
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    Error problem with day\nigth mode

    If you take a look on your image the sun move 3 time in a day, do you want it to be more than only 3 time a day?
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    Just created a page of my game! Waiting for JC to review it
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    #Request Close / Delete Thread ? Reason : I would like to do a correct thread about this; More Organised.
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    Translate pack RUS

    слышь это мой перевод!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! P.S. это рофл
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    Orion+ 2.0 [VB.NET]

    Version 3.0


    Orion+ precompiled and up to date as off the date uploaded.
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    New strings in client_strings.json like Esc menu and server status don't translates in client. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
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