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    Lucid Zen

    Nightmare Showcase

    Weather and Fogs are now being added across Sylvenus:
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    Lucid Zen

    Found some Fogs

    Thanks for the share. I took the liberty of converting some of these to fit the asset pack a little more, as well as adjusted some of the original fogs (clouds, water, and trees are 2x the size):
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    Found some Fogs

    I'm scouring the net for some fogs, animations, and other content that we're lacking for the Beta 6 asset pack. I found an old RPG Maker community and a user there by the handle Fourtysixand2 who made some fogs back in 2007. Sadly there is no official license attached, so we won't be using them in the new asset pack but I still wanted to share them here and more Grab the full set here: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/0d4bfafea3a089633ffbf0b7e7ad05bf.zip
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    Nightmare Showcase

    End game is getting a little more neato! Get excited folks C:
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    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Paperdoll stuff: There's a couple other weapons that aren't interesting enough to show off on their own... Full sewer map: It might get some kind of higher-level expansion at a later date, but it's not worth thinking about at the moment. I really need to make tiles for the building interiors, but just thinking about it makes me want to projectile vomit across the room.
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    [2ME] 2D MMORPG Engine

    Implemented "regions" in the UI. Regions will allow you to define "actions" on specific entities when inside (entering, inside or leaving). Also, toying with a new GUI (currently set to 'dark' theme). You can define the regions name and colour displayed in the UI.
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    Changing the whole map

    Thank you JC, just did it and worked!!!
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    Nightmare Showcase

    I think the blue carpet with yellow decoration was just perfect, it cut the grey aspect of the whole room, maybe just made it more neon blue like the orb liquid one =)
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    Today I did this on my project...

    A few days ago I started a little personal project aside my main project(Proyecto Helheim). I'm trying to do everything by myself and I made my first little tileset: It is of course so plain and empty yet, also there are a few mistakes, such as some shadow mistakes, but well, its my first tileset so far, what do you think?
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    Changing the whole map

    Should be possible. Make a copy of everything beforehand for sure. Youll want to modify a copy of your gamedata.db using SqliteBrowser or similar, and you will need to delete all rows from the maps table and probably from the events table too. Make sure to hit the write changes button when done. If you run into errors trying that let me know, this isn’t something I’ve tried before.