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    In Nightmare News: We are currently undergoing heavy development, across items, lore, quests, zones, and literally every aspect of the game to make sure it's in the best state, and as fun as we can possibly think of making it. It is all these little details, that we feel, will make the project stand out in the end. With that, I'd like to share that we are planning to add 4 new towns besides the central "Odium". Furthermore, in a future "Island Expansion" we will be introducing 4 new island areas to grind and quest in, with an additional town for each Island. Here is the planned location of one of the towns in red marker:
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    Update 146 has arrived!

    We have released a new update! and a event to celebrate our 9th BraveWolf Anniversary. Read the patch notes here.
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    You will only spawn and despawn npcs that have been spawned via the event system. So this discludes map npcs.
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    Holding an item

    To add to that, to create the tool: Go into the item editor and create a weapon. In the weapon properties you can set the tooltype!
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    Ok, I'm not sure if that's the intended use, but at least it works. Maybe @jcsnider can chime in?
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    When using a common event to spawn an NPC, adding a despawn NPC command right under doesn't affect map NPC's for me
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    Holding an item

    Don’t use an npc first off. Use the resource editor. It’s specifically designed for what you’re wanting to do. In the resource editor you can specify which tool should be held in order to harvest the resource.
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    Working with projectiles

    See the red arrows in first pic? You need to click on those to set where you want the projectiles to spawn/fire
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    Nightmare Showcase

    A "Mad Jester". This mob alongside one other yet to be showcased will be part of The Mad Hotel (coming soon).