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    Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Update # 11 Checked all the requirements of the spells and was reorganized in the store. The first 10 spells are exclusively combat, which takes up the entire first line. While the other 4 in the line below are exclusively secondary to buffs. Update # 12 Ores were distributed all over the map. There are 8 Ores. 1 - Normal when mined 2 - Coal 3 - Iron 4 - Bronze 5 - Silver 6 - Gold 7 - Ruby 8 - Lazurita In Order the minimum required to mine is: 1 - Normal when mined 2 - Coal - Mastery in Mining = 1 3 - Iron - Mastery in Mining = 2 4 - Bronze - Mastery in Mining = 3 5 - Silver - Mastery in Mining = 4 6 - Gold - Mastery in Mining = 5 7 - Ruby - Mastery in Mining = 6 8 - Lazurita - Mastery in Mining = 7 The map was created to show the location of the minerals and the map to show the location of the monsters. Maps sell in the items store. Update # 13 The name of the maps appear when entering a city or teleporting. Update # 14 (for added security, please review again if the bug and / or issue has been resolved as soon as the new client is released) (edited) 1 - Paperdolls of axes and tools were created. 2 - Corrected the error of Portuguese reported in the mission Decision Making. 3 - The tables were removed in front of the blacksmith, allowing the direct contact with blacksmith. 4 - Forging and cooling conditions have been added for when the player has no points needed to use them - which warns the player that there is an interagagel item when nothing appeared before. 5 - Increased automatic despawn time of the rats and basic respawn of them. 6 - The names of Tânacia and Tanâcia were withdrawn and the city was renamed only of Tanacia 7 - The price of items in the armory item store was increased. 8 - The Monsters have become stronger, and give more xp than usual, the Golens and God the guardian of nature have changed the time of respawn. 9 - The axes that the hunter uses has been removed from the tag [axes] and can no longer be used to cut, only the ax tool can - this tool and the other items will have evolutions as well. 10 - The Banker now makes sound of trunk opening when interacting with him as well as all the chests that there are until the moment. 11 - The welcome message from the server has been modified and the player is also offline. 12 - In spells for sale, was placed in the description which status influences that magic. 13 - The Masters of Mining and Creation now tell you what you can do when you reach the required number of points. The Masters of Spades - Axes - Spells [and Witchcraft when activated] will not tell you what the player can use when he attains mastery as it already comes in the items. As for the rest of the masters, they will tell you what the player can do when they are activated. That's all for now. All reported bugs have been fixed. All approved suggestions have been Applied. I appreciate your help and we will continue with this work. Update # 15 Swords and Shields can now only be used by Divine Knight while Axes can be used only by Legend Hunter. Update # 16 Error while trying to logout and error while trying to select char has been fixed. A new NPC - Ashor was added. He will take care of answering the initial doubts of the player. At the moment there are only two - What are the Masters and How to get money. The more common questions you have, the more you will be asked to respond. And the sound effect when you move from level after level 50 has been added. Update # 17 1 - Placed doors in the hallways indicating that there is a corridor that goes to the second floor. 2 - Increased xp Base from 5% to 7% 3 - Weapons now have in description% critical and attack speed 4 - Fixed the bug of the tree block being under the tree - reported by @slayer was a bug yes. 5 - Resources now give randomized minerals between 0 and 5 6 - Ashor gives advice only on the first 8 missions. 7 - Monsters below level 3 do not run away anymore. Update # 18 1 - Fixed many bugs reported. 2 - Attended and applied in the game many suggestions. 3 - A new requeriment was added in weapons, magic and shields in addition to the Mastery - The Level 4 - Increased difficulty in the game [exp formula and pve balance] 5 - Gui continuously being implemented.
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    Hi everyone, Today I'm starting a little tutorial section in order to teach you some ways I use to beat some limitations of the current versions of intersect. This time I'll talk about multilingual quests. As you may know, there is no way to translate quests to different languages in intersect. The only thing we can do is creating 1 quest for each different supported language. Imagine the first quest of a game, the tutorial(for example). You'll have to do a tutorial quest in english, a tutorial quest in spanish, a tutorial quest in portuguese... and so on. The problem here is how can we easily check if a player completed the quest or not. Lets see what I mean with a little example: Imagine that there is a npc in our game that will let us pass through a door after we complete the tutorial. How can we do this? Well, we can make tons of conditional branches or spawn conditions lists for each version of the tutorial quest, but this is so messy. So... how could we solve this kind of problems? There is a magic word in intersect: variables! We can create a variable called "tutorialQuestProgress" and edit the quest start event and quest task completion events. When a player starts the quest(no matter the language he chose), that starting event will set our "tutorialQuestProgress" variable to 1. We did it! We now have a easy way to know if a player started any of the tutorial quests! If that variable value is greather than 0 we know that the player started that quest. With each completion task events we will be changing the value of our variable. Imagine that our tutorial quest has 2 tasks. Well, our variable's value will be 0 if we havn't started the quest yet, 1 if we just started the quest, 2 if we completed the first task and 3 if we completed the second task(and, as our quest only has 2 tasks, that means that the player completed the quest). So, if we want to know if our player has finished the quest, we only have to check if the variable's value is equals to 3. That simple! I hope this little tutorial helps someone! We are currently working with it and the amount of work has decreassed a lot. Regards!
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    I swear I didnt start this conversation!
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    Heroes Apocalypse

    this looks pretty lit
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    Not unicode???

    Not a bug. Our default fonts simply don’t include those characters. You’re welcome to compile your own fonts, but the more characters you include the larger the file sizes and worse the performance will be: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/771-replacing-fonts-and-adding-font-characters/
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    Heroes Apocalypse

    Agreed. Well done!
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    Heroes Apocalypse

    The UI looks amazing, as well as the map system! It works very well, looks amazing honestly. Good job!