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    Hello everyone, today i will show some more of my Rain Tale Online. Well, this game includes a whole mechanics, like fishing, mining, cutting trees and etc. this game have a lot of equipments, some exemples is Belts, wings, capes, rings, amulets, shirts, boots, and etc. The story is not finished yet, but when i finish i will update you with more information Now i wil show you some pics of how my game is : My Logo: You can have more than 1 character : Customize your Character ! : Custom Icons : Lots of equipment paperdolls : Custom Equipped Icon : Custom Character Info : Lot of hairs and colors for hairs ! : Great game in general ! : And that's all for today ! Hope your enjoyed some infos of my game, send feedback below ! <3
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    Free programming books

    Hi everybody, A friend of mine sent me this link with some free books to learn different coding languages or technologies, such as java, c, c++, c#, python, ruby, sql, swift... and more. I hope someone finds this useful. Link: https://books.goalkicker.com/ Cya!
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    Free programming books

    there is some nice shit there , great share mate
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    This is one of the biggest problems in the game development community. I "understand" people using other's content, making custom content is hard/expensive(depending if you make it or buy it). The bad point is people usually don't ask for permission, they just "google" for content and add it to their projects. I don't care about legal issues, I think personal issues are more important here. A lot of people would give permission by free if you just ask them, asking doesn't hurt at all. It doesn't matter where you find the content, that content was made by someone, it's not spontaneously generated in the internet. Next time you add any kind of content to any project of yours make sure a) it was made just for your project on purpose or b) you have all the permisions of usage of that content from their real creators, @Urysoft. That being said, nice mapping, and I like the "mapa mundi"(world map on english) idea so much.
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