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    Puppy's Resource Lair

    I'm droppin' this tile-set cause I wanna move to something else I do not provide fixes, and I'll do no more work on this tileset, if ya wanna continue it go ahead
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    Looking good Zeta. I'd love to see these graphics in use for a couple of Intersect projects some day!
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    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    Or like a lot of players just want to play with a keyboard unless interacting with the ui. (I know I do) Either way if you want to change this wait until source. Fairly sure this is how auto targeting works in ~90% of games anyway.
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    Another Update: I've released a set of 9 sprites designed with the idea of these characters being the main hero's, or even the villains, of your game. Included are 3 male characters, 3 female characters, an Orc character, an Undead character, and what I call a Ghoul character. I hope you enjoy these sprites and find them useful. To gain access to these sprites, as well as other graphics such as tiles and more sprites, simply make a small pledge of $5 a month to the Mythril Age patreon page.