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    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released! December 5th 2018 Bug Fixes/Problems Solved: Mysql game databases not saving/loading correctly (They will need to be wiped and recreated!) Attacks being cancelled/not registering on the server. Server crash when saving maps that players are on/around. Loading of certain translation strings. (Like Escape Menu & Server Status) Copying/Pasting of game components in the various editor windows Item equipped icon blocking mouse clicks in inventory (Requires re-downloading InventoryItem.json ui file) Bag window failing to load (Requires re-downloading BagWindow.json ui file) Npcs losing targets when firing spells Npcs firing projectiles in random directions Wording for consumable item editor ('Interval' -> 'Amount') Deleted characters not actually being deleted Engine allowing life steal from resources Fixed EndQuest event command Fixed weird event behavior when using labels inside common event. Fixed trading error where item amounts could multiply and make people rich! Up Next As more bugs are found we will get a 5.2 out.. in the mean time we are working on B6 and some performance improvements! Download If you're already using 5.0 just overwrite your .pdbs and .exes! Download If you're already using 4.9.X please view the migration guide! As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Looking good Zeta. I'd love to see these graphics in use for a couple of Intersect projects some day!
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    Character customization

    You can, it's called a paperdoll