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    I like the overall concept. However, the maps are lacking character and depth. Here's an example map from Nightmare to give some inspiration:
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a good one!
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    *This thread was originally about synthwave, but now its just about music in general. Post any music you like in this thread.* Has been my favorite genre of music for a few years. There's a pretty elaborate history about it. Mostly it's just based on 80's video games and movies. Quite the nostalgia. The following is the history of Synthwave:
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    Please delete this post! The game is still in development, but has undergone significant changes.
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    I got sick af.
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    I've definitely had a soft spot for synthwave ever since playing Hotline Miami and it only grew on me since. I'm also liking your track a lot! Another cool video on the rise and history of this genre is this one:
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    Ainz Ooal Gown

    Support on developing

    That's a chance you have to take, otherwise wait until final version is released. The Devs are working hard on Intersect and release fixes / updates when they see fit, and we should appreciate the effort they put into the Engine for us all to enjoy. If you find a bug, report it and depending on if it is core critical or not the Devs will allocate fixing it accordingly. Patience is a virtue my friend.
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    I know the feel bro, normally what I get to.
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    I really do not expect that you alone will add that idea. They will probably stop for one day to launch the fountain and then each one for himself and God for all. But, it would be a good idea, that in the crafting tables, Increase Item Attributes - Percentage - Static. Value. and Maximum amount of evolutions [something like this] So every time an item was 'evolved', the intersect itself could already add static or percentage points to the basic attributes of the weapon. Only very basic attributes. And in the case of weapons, attributes, more damage. It would be an option to activate or not as the event inspector, the event page. So to create normal items without changing the item in the database, just do not mark. But if it were an evolution of the same item, the intersect would add +1, and increase the value set by the creator. This would save you from filling in the database of items, +1, +2, +3, which are basically a copy of the original with some increased status. I do not have it for my game. This type of evolution of items, I use a different system precisely to save time and space in the database. But I see a lot of people doing that.
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    Event spell - random player variable - warp player based on the player variable