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    DarkStory Online

    Welcome to DarkStory, a 2D online role-playing game, where await to you a fantastic adventure, magic and good friendships. With hundreds hours of gameplay and inspired by the style of the classic RPGs, you will be immerse yourself in this epic role experience where you can conquer dungeons, fly in the sky with a dragon, fight against amazing creatures, explore the vast continents with your friends and so much more. Features: RPG in real time action Battle Arena(PvP) Unique Classes Mechanics Exotic Quests Party System with Level and Exp Boost Coop Quests, 4 players needs to complete stages to fight against a Boss at the end. Digging System Crafting System Monster Book and in-game collection Achievements and Goals Rewarded progress Customize your own character Bosses Mini-games System Fishing, Woodcutting and Minning professions Join to our Discord Official Channel . Video: Screenshots: Classes: Knight - The Knight uses light and darkness in his favor, is able to create attack combinations at will, making each combination deal a different effect on the opponent, also most of his attacks are melee. Mage - The Mage base his power on the elements and is able to canalize them in order to increase their secondary effects. He can attack from a short distance, nevertheless each hit deals a lot of damage. Hunter - The Hunter focuses his damage on long distance shots, is faster in comparisson to the other clases and can detect enemies even if they are behind him. He carry a quiver where he stores arrows some handy stuff as bombs and traps. Stalker - The Stalker is an shadow assassin, he uses his basic attacks to poison enemies and then fulminate them with his daggers. Also, he has the support of his “Battle Masters”, who grant an additional effect on each hit. DarkStory are currently on a Open Beta phase, you able to play it for free at DarkStory Official Website. Developed by BraveWolf. All Rights Reserved.
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    Lethal Bosses! (In development)

    Lethal Bosses English Desc. Desc. Español. Pictures.
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    The Bunny Gamer

    Import&Export map disappeared

    Is it just me, or is there no import and export map button in Beta 5?
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    Tutoria Isle and Other Updates

    With this update to Aetheria comes a new area: Tutoria Isle! This area is where new players will start their journey, learning about all of the ways to slay monsters, craft items, and use the various systems in Aetheria. After each adventurer is satisfied with their level of teaching, or if all quests have been completed, they can take the boat on the Eastern dock to Redwater Forest. Players can revisit Tutoria Isle by taking the boat on the Northwest dock in Redwater Forest. Along with this new area comes several other updates. Enjoy! -Expanded player inventory to 60 slots, up from 25 -Frost Lightning used on General Manabone was reduced slightly so it no longer makes his armor and resistance negative -Reduced damage of General Razorbone's whirlwind and increased the time in between casts -Added a headphones costume for music contributors -Removed the penalty for death if a player is in a PvP arena -Fixed a bug which would replay certain combat effects -Fixed several bugs with familiars interacting in PvP -Fixed a bug where familiars would constantly leash to the player if a distant party member was in combat -Fixed a bug where familiars killing a monster would not progress a quest -Fixed a bug where gear recipes in shops did not show all information -Fixed several quest and dialog spelling and grammar issues