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    Hi is there away to let an event know if you have attacked another player. i want to create an event which activates a player switch if you attack another player which will stay active for a set time frame preventing the attacker from entering a safezone. Thanks.
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    Chat History?

    Hi, Is the In-game chat stored somewhere in the engine or doesn't have that option? Thanks!
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    Aon Reo

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    I wouldn't be discouraged from using that tile set due to popularity in the dev communitiy, the reality is the overwhelming majority of your players won't be familiar with game assets.
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    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    I, for one, really like the time fantasy set, and seeing that Arcwyre hasn’t had any updates recently you’re the only game here using them ^^ Keep up the good work
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    Not at this time, but I really like the idea.
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    Random Events! Veridian now has a working Random Event system! While playing through Veridian Random Events can be triggered in any town/village/castle. Currently in Norn Faldir I have a chance for Rats,Dragons or a Giant Bug to invade so players will have to work together to take down what ever enemy maybe trying to destroy Norn Faldir!
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