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    Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening. This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning Unreal Engine Working on it sincye January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7) twitter instagram
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    To do list: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You know me, if you don't I make pixel art. Dabbling in the dark arts of creation and creating sharp pointed edges. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Terms Artwork created in a job is yours to keep, credit is not required but appreciated. I will not create anything that you dont have the right to. (Such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Animes). I can mimic styles. I have full right to refuse a job, quit a job in progress. All completed work can be edited, modifed, colour hued, anything you like. But please specify if the artwork I make can be used by others or not in the form (Public Use). Please fill out the form below, and make sure you answer correctly as later updates after the completion of the artwork will be null and void. You can specify if you are willing to pay for the artwork in the form. If I take on your commission I will request payment to my paypal immediately and depending on the job it may take few days to afew weeks. The commissions are a "pay what you want". meaning you can give me nothing in return for work. Ill consider a no payment for work as a request, that I have the right to refuse if I do not wish to do it. I will not create art that is beyond Intersect, all sprites commissioned/request must be used within the Intersect engine and only the intersect engine (Meaning dont put the sprites in MMO maker, eclipse or RPG maker). Refunds will be given if I quit a job in progress. or the time frame provided has been exceeded. Limited to one change per commission/request. Completed work cannot be refunded, even if you are unhappy with the results. I will only accept commissions from people above the age of 18. If you are under 18, please submit a request only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fill out Form. on Muliple Requests, please make more Forms. Don't mash them together into one big one. It will be hard to read. Some of my Artwork: A small free resource pack. Discontinued since the base engine now comes with similar sprites. Other work:
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    Php - Server

    The only way I can see this working is some kind of PHP shell. BUT, they can really screw you over for security if not protected properly and so I highly recommend finding other ways to do this. If you use Linux, You should be able to have the PHP shell send commands to a running screen session. shell_exec("screen -S InsertGameScreenName -X stuff 'CommandToRun''\n'"); Again, this is a giant security flaw waiting to happen. Try avoid using it if possible. Edit: Just to clarify why I say PHP shells are bad security. If someone realises that they are entering text into a shell, they could potentially compromise your entire machine by writing commands into it and creating their own users to then SSH into it and so on and so forth. I won't go into full detail, but it is generally not a good idea to allow a user to type anything into one. They should only be used by the web server to enter pre-defined commands. This you could still do if you want to make the page a little fancier and have buttons with pre-defined commands attached to them. This only means you can't do anything like ban a player or make an announcement from this as it opens up the security flaw with the shell due to requiring the user to type text into them. Provided you only allow the user to press a button to do a pre-defined command and you protect it with very good security (Possibly a hard-coded password that is created in the PHP code so it is never sent to the user), you can probably get away with doing it.
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