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    Bite and Slash Animations

    Free to use - I made these for A4C and don't think I ever shared them. Good for monsters, creatures, or anything you like! Set them up 3x2, obviously No need to give me credit - only if you want to/have space in credits.
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    Incredibly easy /commands tutorial

    Yo everybody, while preparing for the alpha of Nightmare, I decided we needed some player /commands to spice up the chat. I felt like releasing a tutorial on this since no one had really done this yet and I feel this is a nice little perk for your game community to interact with one another! Trust me, when you have a server with 30-40 people they love to use these all the time! Before we start, be sure to learn the chat commands in the event editor located here: Without further ado, lets head to the common event editor! Look below for some example commands I made for nightmare! Hopefully from this you should be able to make your own! Basic one liner commands: Basic condition commands: Using the \param chat command: Calling in the game time variables: Using variables: In game results: Hopefully you all will be able to make some of your own inventive commands! You can also use /commands as emoticons in game by playing an in game animation on the player in game like smilies etc. Got any really cool commands you've made? Post em here