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    New American President Debate

    Hamambe had 12,000 write-in votes....
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    New American President Debate

    trump won huh? there goes the neighborhood xd
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    New American President Debate

    Weed is legalized in my state now so it's lit
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    New American President Debate

    12,000 Dicks where out this day.
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    Im not saying trump is good, but its like everyone suddenly forgot Hillary is a war criminal. Im with Kibbelz though, shame there is only 2 choices...
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    Hello Guys here i want you to release the Crystalshire Source code without the Auth-Server and SQL stuff, as many people wished. It also includes whole Server and Client Data Files. How i can create a Account? - You just have to enter a Username and Password in the Login Window and the account gets automatically created if the account does not exist. Hope you guys can do something with it and it helps educational purposes Download Link : Removed (see this -> https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/topic/1025-crystalshire-source-complete-no-auth-server-edit/?do=findComment&comment=17014
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    [WIP] Life Forge

    Hey guys! So we've got some exciting stuff to share! ~In-Game Cash Shop~ A player can access the ingame shop by clicking the chest icon next the status bar! Here is what the ingame shop currently looks like. Please keep in mind the look and style may change and we will also be adding more to the shop as well! Before I go any further with this, those of us on the team want to make it abundantly clear: We are not, nor will we ever, sell power for cash. Cosmetics, Memberships, and Convenience are all we shall ever sell. Now then, with that business out of the way, let's talk about the feature! You may have played other games of this style and may have been annoyed to find that your purchases were merely put on a list for a dev or two to look through at the end of each day and deliver your purchases manually. We really didn't want to make players wait that long to receive their goods, so we put the cash shop right in the game! Purchases are delivered by our Server just moments after purchase! Be it a Membership, a World Blessing Item, or a Cosmetic, you'll get your items immediately! ~Crafting~ We've made some major improvements to our old crafting system. Now you'll have to take your materials to stations and refine and craft there. Some recipes won't be displayed until you use a Recipe item and discover them! This lets us create rare recipe drops from tough enemies that, when read, allow you to craft some great gear! We can't wait to show you all what we have in store! ~Content~ Our in-game content is growing by the day! Before too long we'll have enough to set up our IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Campaigns! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! ~Life Forge Wiki~ http://lifeforge.wikia.com/wiki/LifeForge_Wiki In the wiki we plan to have all items, monsters, recipes, etc... Check it out and let us know what you think! Anywho, that's all for this Dev Log, lads and lasses. Sorry it's a short one! We'll have more and more news as the days go by! ~Life Forge Team
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    Aye, ye be me cabin boy, phen.
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    New American President Debate

    Doesn't really matter who gets in office these days, the final decisions always stay with congress.
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    New American President Debate

    I need to go find my plane ticket to Canada or my cyanide pills, I want out. I didn't ask for this shit.
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    Anyone who wants to attempt that (who doesn't have the resources) can reach out to Kevin for the ones we've been asked not to redistribute if they have the intention on making alternative/placeholder graphics for the community.
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    [FAQ] How can I change map sizes?

    STOP! Changing the size of maps is dangerous. It depends on a clean start meaning all of your data would be lost. This is also completely unnecessary in 99% of cases. Below I will cover many misconceptions about changing map sizes, alternatives, and how you could destroy your project this way. Seamless World Misconception This question is often asked when you don't know how the seamless mapping system works. You don't need large maps in Intersect because connected in-game maps are loaded and shown to the client seamlessly. For more information about this system and how to use it open the spoiler below! Performance Issues The client loads and renders 9 maps at a time. The server processes 9 maps for each player so npcs move and look alive. The larger your maps are the more work the client and server must do to present the game. Increasing the map sizes would lead to the following issues to begin with.. The client caches maps to render instead of drawing every tile every frame. Currently it caches to a 1024x832 sized texture. Increasing the map size increases the size of the cache textures which is VERY hard on graphic cards. A lot of older PCs and older graphic cards won't support textures larger than 1024 pixels in width or height. A 64x64 map would require a texture size of 2048x2048 to be created. Based on the number of extra tiles alone it isn't unfathomable to see your client and server doing 4x the work per player. This is very, very bad and would limit how many players could exist in your game world at the same time. It would take longer for the server to send maps to the clients in-game. It would also take longer for the client to process the map and render it to cache meaning as maps are loaded in the background you would likely start seeing fps dips and lag spikes when new maps are loaded. Doing this could disqualify your game from ever running within web browsers (due to extra memory requirements) and mobile devices (lack of processing power) if/when those options become available. So why default to 32x26? That map size with default 32x32 pixel tiles is just enough to fill a 1920x1080 screen with a little extra space in case of server lag when loading maps while walking around. To be fair if we could make maps smaller and still look good in game we would. User Annoyance If the maps are simply too small for you then we're sorry, you are free to change the size of the maps of course but we won't encourage it and we can't help you revert back later if you regret your decision. Our advice, suck it up and use the default options. Valid Reasons to Change Map Sizes There are only 2 valid reasons I can think of for ever changing the size of in-game maps. You are porting maps from another engine/system which were already created with a larger size. You changed the tile size of maps from 32x32 to something smaller which would require larger maps to fill a 1920x1080 screen. That's it! Those are the only 2 valid reasons I can think of. If you can think of others please post below and we can discuss. How to do it? So you want to do this anyways? You either have one of the valid 2 reasons above or you are going to ignore our warnings. Fine. TL;DR - Don't ever change map sizes in Intersect unless you have a very good reason.
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