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What is Telasia?

Telasia is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Create your own hero from one of the many classes. Be an adventurer and challenge against many foes in your long adventure, do mining, fishing, woodcutting, collecting, hunting, and be a craftsman like blacksmith, tailor, jeweller, shoemaker, artificier, carpenter. Discover many secret areas, clean dungeons with your friends, create guilds, claim territories and build new cities, get power from Telasia Stones and increase its incredible power!

Website (WIP):



Some Key Features:

Cool Open World Mapping (Lit.)

Unique Crafting and Profession System (Level up your profession skills to increase your economy!)

Unique Dungeon System (Clean many dungeons with your friends, get epic materials!)

Mount System (Let's ride horses,chariots,winged beasts or even more!)

Good-Milestone (You are not gonna be bored from this game!)

Custom Sprites (Fully Customized GFX)

No P2W! (You can't use your credit card as a legendary weapon on this game!)

Territories, Houses (Claim Territories, build new cities with your own materials! Defend & Attack other territories!)




Still working on it so I'll write it soon!







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