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Once upon a time, there was peace. Knights saved princesses and cows grazed on fields, watching the life cycle go by. But that was long ago. Darkness has swept over the land, crushing everything in its path. Almost all of the realm has been swarmed by monsters and corrupted, and only a few gallant heroes remain and are soon to face the Darkest Dawn. Will you help them, or will you let the World die? The choice is yours.


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Already introduced:



-PvP Arenas

-PK System


-Pets (just one for now)

-4 playable classes

-A massive world

-Small storylines and sidequests

-Active staff team of 3 people including me

-Real-time time system

-Crafting, etc

-Paperdolls for every weapon (yes these are 'borrowed' from community resources :p)

-8 realistic ranks to work your way up through to make levelling more interesting!


Planning to add:

-Real-time Weather


And more to come!








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