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Warning! .Net Framework 4.6.1+ is required to run this version of Intersect.  If you have trouble running the engine please try updating your .Net Framework version. (Or Mono if you're on Mac/Linux!)

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About This File


Welcome to Intersect - The Free 2D ORPG Creation Toolkit (aka MMORPG Maker)

This Engine Brings 2D ORPGs to a Whole New Level Offering:

  • Seamless World Design
  • Powerful Events for Unique Player Experiences
  • All of the Expected RPG Elements
  • No Coding Required!
  • Modern and Open Source C# Codebase (if you do want to code!)
  • Free Updates with New Features, General Improvements, Bug Fixes and More!

We also have an amazing support community and resources - there is no faster way to design and release your game!


Feel free to check out the screenshots above. You can download Intersect on the right - it is completely free!


What's New in Version Beta 4.3   See changelog



Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

November 10th 2017



We've just released Beta 4.3 tons of bug fixes found in Beta 4, 4.1, and 4.2 We're hoping this version will allow games like Arcwyre to launch, and allow everyone to create their games while we start to progress on Beta 5 :)


Bug Fixes/Problems Solved:

  • Common events not triggering correctly & Questing bugs that go along with it!
  • Banning effecting all accounts instead of just one (doh!)
  • 1280x720 resolution option disappearing
  • Npcs/Resources not always appearing on adjacent maps
  • Various bugs with visual warping/map grid previews not showing correctly (or at all)
  • Crashing when targetting buffed npcs/players
  • Random map layers flashing
  • Crash when dragging spell icons
  • All kinds of crafting bugs
  • Fogs rendering on wrong map layers
  • Class spawn directions not working
  • NPCs not regenerating health when you leave maps
  • Class editor crashing when you delete character graphics
  • Editor lighting
  • Friendly spells not targeting correctly
  • Players not learning skills set in class editor on level up
  • Heal spells not working
  • Animated sprites are no longer case sensitive
  • Npcs not spawning facing the correct directions
  • and more!



  • HP Bars now hide when full health
  • You can no longer attack friendly npcs


Self Contained .Exes

The client, editor, server, and migrator are now self contained. This means that you no longer need the /libs/ folders and you no longer need the .Config.exe files!  After updating to Beta 4.3 you can delete the following:

  • Client and Editor/libs/
  •  Client and Editor/Intersect Client.exe.config
  •  Client and Editor/Intersect Editor.exe.config
  •  Any PDB files in the Client and Editor folder.
  •  Server/libs/
  •  Server/Intersect Server.exe.config
  •  Server/Intersect Migration Tool.exe.config
  •  Any PDB files in the Server folder.


You can finally deploy the Intersect Client and Server now to Linux and OSX without moving files around! Just copy the Client or Server folder, install mono, open terminal, navigate to the intersect folder, and run: mono "Intersect Client.exe"  OR  mono "Intersect Server.exe"!!!



Up Next

Beta 5 is on the way!



If you are currently using Intersect Beta 4, 4.1, or 4.2 click upgrade below! Otherwise click download on the right!

Upgrade Installation

User Feedback

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

When , i click to upgrade ressource and he whrite this message "Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1"

But good Job ^^ !

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

In my opinion 4.7 is the first STABLE version what work really good. I do all time extremaly stress tests and this one is AWESOME !

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I Love the engine just my action button don't work

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Vraiment un émulateur avec un gros potentiel et qui est très plaisant à utiliser, gratuit en plus.

Ce qui serait vraiment bien ce serait de pouvoir choisir le mode de combat pour les monstres, par exemple en combat tour par tour et de permettre (si le jeu est en multijoueur) à c'est alliés de rejoindre le combat avec des animations de combats comme sur Dragon Quest IX les sentinelles du firmament.

En tout cas merci à vous et à votre travail !!


Really an emulator with great potential and who is very pleasant to use, free is an more.

What would be really good would be to be able to choose the fight mode for the monsters, for example in turn-based combat and to allow (if the game is in multiplayer) it is allied to join the fight with combat animations as on Dragon Quest IX the sentinels of the firmament.

In any case thank you to your and your work !!

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   17 of 18 members found this review helpful 17 / 18 members

Amazing! Great job on absolutely everything! We all love it! Best client ever! 5 Stars!!!!!!

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   14 of 15 members found this review helpful 14 / 15 members

This engine has definitely come quite a long ways from it's origins, and it only keeps getting better with every release. Great job, guys!

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   6 of 7 members found this review helpful 6 / 7 members

Awesome work, jc, and thank you for being so involved with the community in the testing and fixing process. Upgrade instructions were clear and worked perfectly. Glad to see the projectile system ironed out. This should be stable enough to really get my game going. Very happy with Intersect.

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Easy to understand. Download was fast and I had the server and client running in minutes. UI is intuitive. I love the control of commands you have with the right hand tool bars. Made a basic map within minutes.

Can't wait to port Ambardia over to this new game engine. Well done JC!!!

No automatic alt text available.

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   5 of 7 members found this review helpful 5 / 7 members

Global Switches Global Variables 8)8);D;D

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Just wanted to rate it 5 star. JC came a LONG way for this. <3

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Lo malo es lo que es cada vez que trato de iniciar el servidor Me aparece que hubo un error y es que le faltan los .exe.config


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this engine is very nice , but in 5.1 , I can't spawn npc with an event :/ This message spawn "Intersect Editor must be close , run to logs for see the problem" help me plz ^^ 


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Does not support MacOS. Please can you release a version with MacOS?

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the option in the editor to place the fogs does not work friend :1_grinning:

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Great Work!!


It seems pretty reliable now, can't wait for the B5 to come out.




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 el motor de búsqueda de barcos que cruzan en el mar en línea Seafight el cual trata de barcos de la flota de piratas y lucha por obtener una isla en un lugar seguro

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Fantastic engine!! Great job!!!

When we will get a final version with source code?

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Good you are updating Intersect every week :D

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Amazing Engine. Very easy to use and very user-friendly. I would recommend this to those with little to no code knowledge.

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Great job


5 stars

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Intersect is a powerfull c# engine using the framework .NET 4.5. It will not work on old pc but to do better thing we need to use the latest tool. The engine have all the feature quest, event, ressource, spell, animation and alot of stuff is coming song.


It will surely be the next best game engine without coding required. It flexible, easy to use, learn and have so much tutorial on it.

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When I was a teenager I used to hop on FreeMMORPGMaker.com and mess around with Eclipse in VB. It's unbelievable how far this engine has come.

The skills I learned while making games enabled me to build companies and find some level of financial freedom. I cannot thank you guys enough for all the hard work spent on this engine. I know what it's like to solve a complicated issue only to pat yourself on the back and move to the next. 

I plan to dig into the source code and see if I can offer the community any value during my stay this time around. I won't lie, my objective is to make a multilingual freemium game for profit. But if I can churn out a few pieces of gold I will. When I was young everything was a joke, my perspective held me back from becoming successful. Not everyone wants to run a corporation but you gotta feed your family and there is nothing wrong with scaling an idea.  

Thank you for the release it is much appreciated!

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