[Orion+] Tashology's Account Editor

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Hey guys!

I've been working on this for the past few days and it finally provides the simple, base mechanic that it is required to do!


What is this?


Well, it's a small program, written in VB.NET that will load all of the user files of your server and when you select a user, it will let you choose one of their characters and edit their information. The program itself is fairly simple, it allows you to edit names, gender, class, stats and inventory (in the future I will probably add other things like editing equipment and pet stuff).


How do I configure it?


Everything is configured for you. The system will automatically pull the classes and items from the appropriate places. All that you need to do is to drag all of the files into your Server folder. If you already have the ArchaicIO.dll file, you can skip it when it asks you if you want to skip or replace.










If you find any bugs, let me know and I'll do my best to patch it!


Also, I'm tempted to make a console-only version (for those of you running the server on a command-line machine). Let me know if there's any interest in it!


Thanks to @Damian666 for all the help :D

I hope you all enjoy my editor and I hope that it comes in handy when you're making your ORPGs!

~ Natasha (Tashology)

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2 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

Wow surprised that no one made this already looks good to me however there doesn't appear to be a delete account button, is that coming soon or just not in the screenshot?

I didn't add a delete account button because you can just delete the folder or whatever BUT if you'd like, I can definitely add one :D

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