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  1. Yeah! Thanks for showing it off on your deviantart.. I never did send ya a request to copy it and just create those gui similar to your design
  2. Yes forum.pokenew.com
  3. Bump
  4. Bump...
  5. Did what? the sprites? tilesets? You can't say Interface because I know that interface, since I used them before.. Probably rearrange Edit: I'm not trying to be rood but, I only misunderstood if you actually did those or just rearrange and modify it.. the interface is a combination of Intersect Chatbox, Kenney's UI, and Crystalshire Buttons.. Still, not bad for trying.. but don't just mix them like that, they won't look cool.. use 1 style
  6. You need more GUI work also align the text properly..
  7. Naaah. I'm too busy with my C Project I only do the minor stuff on this game for now. I'm busy learning other language at the moment
  8. Added Download link for those who don't want to join on Forum
  9. I'm talking about this kind of stuff
  10. I did on the older maps, but due to the old AI system without a good pathfinding feature. Players can use those rocks or and objects that block spaces to avoid being hit by high level pokemon and using their low level pokemon to level it fast
  11. Evolutions, just need to finish evolving when learned a move, time based, happiness based, gender based Movesets, some moveset turned into custom since those are Turned Based move type probably, 30% moves are not working Pokemon data don't have abilities yet, and the boost based on weather The reason of those plain maps is to give players a space for battling.. It will be hard to have small maps or detailed maps but less space But it's already playable
  12. Features Credits Forum www.forum.pokenew.com Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b59mfuzef495bul/AAAmYWw62ReMHqQ73rwMTmW9a?dl=0
  13. This is a Project Show off post, not a "Suggest a good engine for me to use", "What language should I use" post, You guys should stick with the subject rather than forcing someone to switch engine use and give them more work. but in the end that engine will no longer be supported and creating a new branch of engine with different features, asking them again to switch there and give them another work.
  14. I wanna client + server this game.
  15. Nice, i wonder if you use a proper preview that render only 1 texture like a screenshot instead of rendering the tiles and layers again.. as it just waste memory if you do it that way.. as you can see that the tile rendering on the game client use alot of memory than the other stuffs also "impossible?" naah, even on VB6 it's possible