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  1. WIP

    Update - New Logo - Font Size Multiplier - Random Tips loaded from Database - Static Window (like Chatbox) will go transparent when player character position on screen is on the window position, disabling the function that window will have so that player can interact with the map at that part Extra Notice: Recruiting Voice Actors who will perform certain roles on the game characters Requirement: - Must have a good Recorder - Can speak english very well (I'm not compatible with this role cuz my english suck) Send a sample of your Voice through PM here or on skype (id: hisherwin)
  2. Kick Damian

    1. PhenomenalDab


      Everybody gang kill Damian he's hacking!

  4. WIP

    Update - Graphical Scrollbar (Applied on Chatbox) - Chatbox 85%
  5. WIP

    Uhm, thanks.. but that's just a temporary logo that i made on gimp for 5 minutes it will be replaced for a better one
  6. The game is back on Development mode We will start doing the new region and update the kanto region pokemon spawn
  7. WIP

    Update - Seamless Map - Chatbox Note to Moderators: Mind if you move this to Game Section?
  8. WIP

    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with SMLF or something
  9. WIP

    Introduction Rebirth Fantasy Online is a 2D Online Role-Playing Game that will be develop on a Old Programming Language VB6, The reason why the game still use VB6 is because, this is the only Programming Language that I can freely develop the System that I wanted to add on Game. But it will be remake to C Language after we finish this one The VB engine that this game is using , is a engine that was develop from scratch by me (SherwiN), it is not one of those available Open Source VB Engine like Eclipse Engine The Graphics that we planned to use on the game is REFMAP Sprites, it state at the terms of use that we can use their sprite outside RPGMaker as long as we credit them linked to their site Music will be custom, and made by my friend's Studio Story To be added Show Off World Map We still haven't complete the World Map yet so we are just showing the Tutorial Island Screenshot Team SherwiN Head Developer Programmer Graphic Designer Pixel Art (for Paperdolls) Jonathan ( Music Composer Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations
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  11. So right now, it's Impossible
  12. Yeah! Thanks for showing it off on your deviantart.. I never did send ya a request to copy it and just create those gui similar to your design
  13. Yes
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