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  1. fb13805e9950c064b03ab7bd03af23b0.gif



    One of the Boss Monster of Talli Island located at Lost Ruins

  2. SzhuuGfvT5K8wO9ZvcHcQA.png


    I'm improving with Pixel Art Skill

    1. Kibbelz


      Thats actually really good @SherwiN! You should be proud. I think either the head needs to be bigger or arm bulk smaller for the monster on the left maybe :)

    2. Weylon Santana

      Weylon Santana

      Amaziing. I need This <3 

    3. Grizzy


      i really love both of these!!



    Recruiting Mappers and Pixel Artist

    1. SkywardRiver


      You're gonna kill the other game you're programming for with this, my man xD

    2. SherwiN


      lol, but the players that play that game are die hard fan, so i doubt it..
      the theme of my game is a ordinary reincarnation to fantasy world story.. if you read those type of manga or light novel, you already know how the story will be
      that's why Rebirth Fantasy :D


      It's just due to too much stuff to do, the progress of this game is getting slower. I do wanted to release it on that engine before i port it on other language

      but, doing the programming part, pixel art part, graphic design part, in-game developing (maps, data, etc) part..  plus that other game.. that's why kinda require some help, I don't worry about the game data as i made a external editor

  4. Im still not dead, I just dont chat



    1. Toxic Kasplant

      Toxic Kasplant

      Looks cool! Any way to find more info? 


      Should get your own sub forum really ;)

  5. World maps amount

    No.. the client only preview 9 maps at a time 1 | 2 | 3 4 | 5 | 6 7 | 8 | 9 The 5 is the center map.. and the others are the surrounding.. everytime you switch map, it switch which map it will render, and unload the other one that are not needed So you can use millions of map as long as it fit the max size of the variable being use as counting for maps
  6. Graphics 16x16 Pixel Art

    Impressive.. Wanna see some armored one I always sprite on 16x16 rather than 32x32 then just scale the sprite on program, so that will reduce the file size of the image and load faster and look more pixelated game
  7. Kneel over me!! Bwahahaha
  8. 379ce00bf7447ec28f3df0b23990c255.png

  9. (image)


  10. SexmQUZ4SHil_an4QCmTkw.png


    1. Kibbelz


      Maybe the green is slightly too bright. Looks nice tho.

    2. SherwiN


      Its fine that way, fog and map settings will cover that

    3. Cap'n Crest

      Cap'n Crest

      Love it

  11. Fake Tile Type?

    From my experience when using Fake Tile type on Autotiles on VB6 this is how it works: (I don't know if it works similar on this engine) Let's just say, for example, this is the autotile walls you made (Just like your previous question on how to remove the second border corner of the walls You apply Fake Tile Type using the center part which is the blue color , then apply that on the corner which are this part and the result will be That's how i think it should work.. I don't know if it does the same.. When i was using Autotiles, This help to avoid filling the whole map with autotiles as each tile of autotiles render 4 tiles that is possible to lower fps.. so instead of filling the whole map with autotiles just to remove the extra corner.. fake tile type help Well if it doesn't work that way then.. this explanation is nothing..
  12. Intersect Development Road Map

    Road to become a Close Sourced Game Engine in progress...
  13. WIP Nimue

    Does the projectile only work 8 direction? or does it have 360 degree option On-Topic: That's alot of forest style on the maps XD not that it's bad.. Anyway, i think it would be better if you keep your map progress hidden and just show a slight preview otherwise there will be nothing for us to expect on the maps since we saw them all are those custom tilesets?
  14. 1.33 ghz cpu, using built in graphics card and 2gb ram
    The game fps performance in Maximized screen or fullscreen is at 64 (locked)


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SherwiN


      I still haven't finish the animations yet. but will do
      I don't think there should be a fps drop even if i play full max screen animation on the game screen

      also, i don't render them by map slot, i render them by position and those position are being updated based on their map slot, so having 9 connected maps doesn't really matter it's just like 1 huge map and we are just rendering what's visible

    3. Kibbelz


      It adds up :P. Will be interested to see the limitations! Goodluck,



    4. SherwiN


      Second Test



      The first image doesn't have a Map Link so i added a surrounding map.. also fill up the map a npc, and made Battle Msg appear
      The processing time of Battle Msg and Animation are probably the same or the text might be longer than the graphics since i'm rendering the characters each so it process longer than rendering a animation graphics..
      still at 64 FPS.. the next test will be, adding npc appear on the map link and increase it more to see the limit on how many npc on screen shall cause a fps drop

      NOTE: the minimap at the top right corner is being rendered tile by tile

  15. Image into tiled map?

    It works like a tileset.. just place the pixel image (must be divisble by 32) and select the whole part, if you can't.. you can do it partially, then place it on map.. if you don't have skills at programming and you don't have time to learn it, then focus on game developing on improve your skills further.