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  1. ywi8vBu7RQyFZl5f0momoA.png



    Just testing if I can do it like how Kibbelz did it on vb6

    @Kibbelz can you show me a sample dungeon on yours? if you still have it

    so i can have a vague idea on how it should be

    1. Kibbelz


      You've nearly got it. You just need to increase the lengths of the coridoors. Each room is too close together make the map larger and space them out more. I dont have any screenshots and the old algorithm i used 5 years ago is on an old laptop at my parents house. Msg me on skype if you want help :)

  2. Rebirth Fantasy will have a Close Test at Jan 8 to Jan 12
    25 Slots are available, Just join on our Discord and PM me if you want to participate

  3. I need someone to fix my stupid grammar

    PM me here or on Discord

    Join this group and find my profile

  4. Monster Hunter Generations

    Female Character

    Voice 11



  5. Question to those who played Pokemon on Nintendo 3DS
    are the Camera View can be rotate? like any other 3D games out there

  6. fb13805e9950c064b03ab7bd03af23b0.gif



    One of the Boss Monster of Talli Island located at Lost Ruins

  7. SzhuuGfvT5K8wO9ZvcHcQA.png


    I'm improving with Pixel Art Skill

    1. Kibbelz


      Thats actually really good @SherwiN! You should be proud. I think either the head needs to be bigger or arm bulk smaller for the monster on the left maybe :)

    2. Weylon Santana

      Weylon Santana

      Amaziing. I need This <3 

    3. Grizzy


      i really love both of these!!



    Recruiting Mappers and Pixel Artist

    1. SkywardRiver


      You're gonna kill the other game you're programming for with this, my man xD

    2. SherwiN


      lol, but the players that play that game are die hard fan, so i doubt it..
      the theme of my game is a ordinary reincarnation to fantasy world story.. if you read those type of manga or light novel, you already know how the story will be
      that's why Rebirth Fantasy :D


      It's just due to too much stuff to do, the progress of this game is getting slower. I do wanted to release it on that engine before i port it on other language

      but, doing the programming part, pixel art part, graphic design part, in-game developing (maps, data, etc) part..  plus that other game.. that's why kinda require some help, I don't worry about the game data as i made a external editor

  9. Im still not dead, I just dont chat



    1. Cute Kasplant

      Cute Kasplant

      Looks cool! Any way to find more info? 


      Should get your own sub forum really ;)

  10. World maps amount

    No.. the client only preview 9 maps at a time 1 | 2 | 3 4 | 5 | 6 7 | 8 | 9 The 5 is the center map.. and the others are the surrounding.. everytime you switch map, it switch which map it will render, and unload the other one that are not needed So you can use millions of map as long as it fit the max size of the variable being use as counting for maps
  11. Graphics 16x16 Pixel Art

    Impressive.. Wanna see some armored one I always sprite on 16x16 rather than 32x32 then just scale the sprite on program, so that will reduce the file size of the image and load faster and look more pixelated game
  12. Kneel over me!! Bwahahaha
  13. 379ce00bf7447ec28f3df0b23990c255.png

  14. (image)


  15. SexmQUZ4SHil_an4QCmTkw.png


    1. Kibbelz


      Maybe the green is slightly too bright. Looks nice tho.

    2. SherwiN


      Its fine that way, fog and map settings will cover that

    3. Crest


      Love it