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  1. GetPlayerX is a function that determine the X coordinate of the player.. and Index is the player id on server or on client.. Damian.. Read the post
  2. WIP

    What's with the boxy ground? does your engine doesn't have a autotile system?
  3. WIP

    Basically yes, I don't really want to tell the method i use or else someone can create a program to restore the data of the files XD
  4. WIP

    I can't really call it encrypt but, it does the same. I messed the data of the image so that it cannot be viewed or edit on any image editor..
  5. WIP

    Update - Basic Graphic Protection (Just to prevent people from stealing my graphics, I modified the gfx so that only the game can load it)
  6. WIP

    Hahaha, Thanks XD My own version of VB6 Engine, created from scratch
  7. WIP

    Well ye it shows blocks, npcs, players.. and yeah, as you said. maze will be too easy, but we don't plan on adding a maze anyway XD only puzzle on dungeons
  8. WIP

    Update - Rebirth Fantasy Online will now start using a Custom Graphics created by myself, a Retro Style Graphics inspired by Final Fantasy GBA graphics - Too many to list
  9. WIP

    More like a Village than a Town
  10. Need Help

    I manage to make a simple version of encryption work, it's not really hard than i though it would
  11. WIP

    Update - Character Custumization - Sound Volume Control (from 0% - 100%) - Key Binding (Support 'Ctrl + Key' and 'Shift + Key') Recruitment - Voice Actor (must have a good recorder) - Pixel Artist
  12. When will you put the "Sign" Language?
  13. WIP

    Update - New Logo - Font Size Multiplier - Random Tips loaded from Database - Static Window (like Chatbox) will go transparent when player character position on screen is on the window position, disabling the function that window will have so that player can interact with the map at that part Extra Notice: Recruiting Voice Actors who will perform certain roles on the game characters Requirement: - Must have a good Recorder - Can speak english very well (I'm not compatible with this role cuz my english suck) Send a sample of your Voice through PM here or on skype (id: hisherwin)
  14. Kick Damian

    1. PhenomenalDitto


      Everybody gang kill Damian he's hacking!