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  1. Spell or skill that creates minion - Suggestion

    This will never be in the base engine. It's a cool feature and I am sure you will find someone willing to program this once the source is out.
  2. Y'all need sum milk

  3. Show a variable value in CHARACTER INFO screen

    When source is out this will be an easy add-on. But right now it's not possible
  4. Intersect Beta 4.4 Released!

    Nice work JC! Appreciate it as always!Might even test dashes this time
  5. Suggestion: NPC faction system with reputation points

    That will be possible once source comes out. Won't be hard to program in yourself
  6. Common Event, On Kill Player (PVP)

    Yes please. Would be a nice addition for shuuureee
  7. On Monster Die Event

    Im pretty sure you can do this already? If not, seems like a must have feature to create proper boss battles
  8. Finding player stats

    You need a program like SQLite to open the Intersect database. Which is located in the folder which @Gibier pointed out. .\Server\resources\intersect.db
  9. Small Fantasy Resources

    Yaay! Soo happy! Love your art and it broke my heart seeing your message when the thread got first closed! Welcome back, and looking forward to see more!
  10. Help me

    Please use the search function
  11. [Request] Need logo for Ruinic

    ' I took a closer look and saw that you're attempting to shade the font. The colours are still too close together (in lightness value, try to get 20+ difference between your colours, so if you have 100, use 80, then 60, this works well in my experience for low colour count spriting) and if you want to hue shade, try to get 15+ difference in the hue value, towards blue/purple for darker and towards yellow for lighter. The shading is darker from the outside of the logo with the insides of the logo being the lightest- this implies that the light source is between the logo. Try to think about where the light is coming from, if it's above, does the 'U' block the light? The colours could use less saturation also. The green and orange are too vibrant, my first thought was of a late 80s logo I saw on a VHS tape case once. I like the logo as a whole, my only feedback would be to introduce a beige or grey to shade the edges of the logo.
  12. You will need to set up a static IP
  13. WIP Nimue

    That is some amazing pixel art!
  14. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    I only have a couple of screens, but my screens are from a DBZ fan game. Guess you don't want that?
  15. Rule/Moderation Changes & New Rules!

    Great, so I can't sell my Sonic fanfic anywhere now.