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Suggestions for new Common Event Triggers


More Common Event Triggers
Giving the power of the event system to everything!

I think the current common events system is really powerful, I don't know how much overhead it has on the server's loops but If it's more than capable, I have some suggestions for triggers that will increase the potential features any game can use with the power of eventing.

1) On Spell Cast (Select a spell)(For targeted spells, check if it successfully landed)
Immediately, this creates the following possibilities without much creativity, for spells that can...
-Change Class

-Change Gender
-Change Face
-Change Sprite (Permanently)
-Change Items (Crafting through spells potentially)
-Change Spells (Maybe after X amount of uses to become a stronger spell)
-Change EXP
-Change Level
-Heal/Give MP (Even though already possible through spells)
-Start Quests
-Complete Quests (Can be useful for say a tutorial that teaches you how to use spells?)

-Spawn NPCs (Summons)

More creative ideas
-A spell that can open the Bank after a long cast time of 60 seconds, so you find a safe spot and open a storage for your items
-Spells can make use of the Hold/Release player to make players unable to move for a certain amount of time after casting, keeping you vulnerable.

2) On Spell hit (Same as Spell Cast but does it to players who get HIT by a spell)
Can be used for NPC spells or spells by other players
Some creative ideas..
-A spell that on hit, teleports the player to another map, which can then be used to make dungeons where you need to dodge projectiles or be warped out of the dungeon.
-A spell that on hit turns your player into a chicken
-A spell that on hit, steals money from the other player
-A spell that on hit, displays a Overlay on the hit player, obstructing his view. Good for some sort of annoying trap/debuff sort of spell.


3) On Item Used (Select item or item group or item type)
Immediately this creates more possibilities, just like spells.
I'll skip the obvious ones, some creative ideas..
-An item that can check your class and give you different permanent stat boost based on your class.

-An item that can check if you meet the required level, if you do, it starts a quest and teleports you to a dungeon.
-An item that can spawn NPCs but makes your invulnerable BUT holds you for the duration of the summon (Puppets)

4) On Item picked up
-Can then be used to trigger entire quest lines if you pick up a rare treasure
-Can make cursed items that do something to the player when you pick it up
-Can make items that destroy on pick up but do something to the player (add exp etc)

5) On quest start/complete
This one could be redundant in a way, but I'm sure there's more ways to be used than I'm currently imagining..
Can also be used in conjunction with my next idea

-Can be used to teleport players to a start location for a special dungeon quest
-Can be used to teleport players out of the dungeon when it's completed


6) Time of day (Common events that happen at a certain time everyday)
The possibilities are endless!
-Special events that call players to participate at a certain time everyday, displays a quest dialog, if they accept, warp them to the event place (In conjunction with idea number 5)

This one is so cool because for example, if you make a Common event trigger at 6am everyday to change a global switch on, and at 7am you turn the switch off with another common event, you can make NPC only appear from 6am - 7am everyday. This has so much potential uses..
-Shops which are only available during certain times of the day
-Dungeons that are only available during certain times of the day

-Doors and buildings that are closed at night
-Spells that can only be used during certain times of the day


7) On Death or Party Member Death
-Can be used for things like applying debuffs or penalties on death, with all the potential of the event system.. Creative punishments hahaha
-Can be used for death tutorial, the first time you die, explaining what happened and how to continue from there
-Can be used to check when a player dies in a certain Event map and move him to a special waiting room (maybe common events need a map check for this)


-Party member death is something I personally like because I think a lot of small ORPGs want to build around community and party experience. Having this will allow you to make special party only maps where you get kicked out if any of your party member dies (like in MapleStory's Party Quests)

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions :)

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