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Pixel/Vector Movement


Hi everyone !


When I see Intersect, I see RPG Maker. And there's one thing which I absolutly miss : the "pixel movement", it's done thanks to plugins for RPG Maker serie.

I'm one of this guy who dislike the "grid movement", it's too old-school :P


Here's a nice RPG Maker MV plugin : https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/pixel-movement.6834/, look a this thread and how this works. It's not really complexe.

For those not wanting to waste their time, here's a video explaining more quickly :


This feature must be added to player character and NPC only when attacking (I think) because for the random or path movement, it will be more complexe and useless to implement.

But the standard "grid movement" must be available if the game developer prefered it (may be).

As in the video, different collision box for the player must be available : square grid size, round grid size and round half-grid size.



If you don't want to put this feature into Intersect, I promise you that I will try to make this when the source code will be available and I will request for pushing it to the Intersect engine ! :)


Thanks !


By the way, Intersect is amaizing! I'm in a hurry to see the source code!

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