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Engine suggestions(very lacking)


1. Passive skills - the action is constant, not caused by the player.
2.Sprite NPC - add to get from tileset -1 picture (old bagels)
3. Glow NPC - he has no light like a player.
4. Play animation on the triggered event - not only on the player
5. Items / items - choose from tileset
6. Displaying text - position, color, assignment of a variable to the text (for displaying variables)
7. Durability of items, weapons, armor. or hp of things.
8. Animation to indicate from which frame to play by which.
9. After using the item, another item remains (so far it has been possible to do with the help of events.)
10. Fixed player sprite when changing to another - can no longer be returned, because the man and woman have different sprites. It would be convenient to check the box - return the previously used sprite. This will simplify the boat and vehicle handling system.


11/ A new problem has arisen. I need to make a zone where the player cannot enter without first checking with a shot from a special weapon. The zone is hidden from view. Only after the player hits it. A glow appears and the player sees that it is better not to go there. Everything is done simply, but I ran into a few details missing. The NPC does not have the function to trigger an event when the NPC died - and the ability to make the NPC passable. Death NPC switch to event variable.
And also not in the conditions of the check - If there is a certain NPC on the map or it is not there. All this greatly limits the possibilities for creating really interesting conditions for the game.
There is also no way to check if the player fired at the event.
There is a player touches, is over. But there is no attack check. And it would be better with a certain weapon-bullets.

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