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Suggestion: Interactions with Friendly NPCs

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Suggestion: Interactions with Friendly NPCs

I really want to make it so I can do things with Friendly NPCs. Right now, all they do is sit there, walk around and look pretty.

This idea stemmed from one of the skills I am working on in my game: Survival.

A brief description of Survival:



If you are familiar with other MMOs: Survival includes 4 branches of minor professions:

Bugcatching (ala Animal Crossing)

Foraging (finding new items)


Herblore (Picking herbs and identifying them, ala Runescape)



With higher Survival skill, combined with some minor knowledge in another skill, Beasthunting, you will be able to make some monsters friendly!


When monsters are friendly, they will ask you for things. What does a chicken want? Chicken feed! You'll then get better at a hidden skill which has no name.

Eventually this will enable you to talk to the meanest monsters in the game to help them with their plights.


So there you have it. There's an example of having friendly NPCS. It wouldn't just be for talking to random citizens, although this would help.

It allows for complex interactions between formerly hostile or inaccessible NPCs, which adds a variety and depth to the game.

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23 hours ago, Dashplant said:

Use events with NPC graphics my friend 

I suggest a more close reading of the post my friend! Cheers.

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y really think event behavior on npc is really necesary. event tile is not too flexible

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