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[Suggestion] Adding ARM Support

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I've try to built a server on my raspberry pi ( you know those pretty little thing you'v in 10 copy every where in your home x) ), but i've face a problem, the server won't launch and still get error, for the use i've try with Raspbian Latest version ( Fresh Install ), Ubuntu MATE, Kali ARM version ... and for each of them i've get the same errors each time ... The problem is actually ARM wasn't able to accept the ressources needed by the engine, first one was Mono, as the current version on ARM based Devices was 4.XX but now we turn under 5.XX on normal OS, so actually you could make some trick for correct this problem and get the 5.XX version, after there is another problematic the SQLite3 version wich was not able to run with the current constant under any ARM device.


So if the DEV Team have some spare time after the release of the Final Update ( Basically after Sources Release ^^ i think x) ) it could be cool to add it to the engine for make the possibility to run our server under our little pi's it was really fun to self hosted the server of the game at home on this kind of device.


Thank you guys and have a nice day =P


( Edit :


Forget to add it ...


Error Log :



Mono Log :



I think it's not the most important cause we will have other errors if we try to correct only thoses classes ... But maybe ... Don't really know C# was a little bit obscure to me ^^ )


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