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Formula's / Attack Damage

Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Version: Beta 5 Closed Bug Report

Error Description
I changed the forumla.json to do some testing, and when I reverted back to the normal formula.json (even got server to re-download file) the combat formula ingame seems messed up. Now when I attack without a weapon equipped it does damage based on the characters "attack", and when I equip a weapon it does damage based on weapons "Base  Damage".


So if I have 20 character attack and the class is set to have 1 base damage it does 21 damage, then if I equip a weapon that has 5 damage it does 6 damage (including the 1 damage from class base)...

Is the formula cached anywhere?


Formula (which is original / core):

  "ExpFormula": {
    "Source": "BaseExp * Power(Gain, Level)"
  "PhysicalDamage": "Random(((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * .975, ((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * 1.025) * (100 / (100 + V_Defense))",
  "MagicDamage": "Random(((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * .975, ((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * 1.025) * (100 / (100 + V_MagicResist))",
  "TrueDamage": "Random(((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * .975, ((BaseDamage + (ScalingStat * ScaleFactor))) * CritMultiplier * 1.025)"

Replication Steps
Edited forumla.json file

Restart Server

Test new formula

Revert back to original file (even got server to re-download file)

Restart Server
Test original formula and it seems to have kept previous edit

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Attach Error Logs
If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.

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Can you show your class and weapon setup? 


Also only one part of your damage formula has defense taken into account 

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Thanks for reply.


Yeah I know defense is taken in to account, like I said this is a the default formula.json, so the default has defense calculated.


Class setup for damage is set to "1".

Weapon Damage was set to "5"

MOB I was attacking had no defense.


I changed the formula to include the players A_Attack so that it would add that to the calculation, but I didn't like it so I removed it and reverted back to original formula.json, but for some reason it seems to still be using the edited one (even after restarting server).

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Issue resolved! I was being stupid! Didnt notice the scaling on the class was set to 100%


Found this which helped me. Please resolve this, as its not a bug (just a bug in my brain!! lol)

The following functions can be used:
Random(min,max):		Returns an integer value between min and max.

The following variables can be used:
BaseDamage:					Base damage of weapon or spell used.
ScalingStat:				Value of stat that was selected in the item/spell editor to scale with the attack.
ScaleFactor:				Value set in editors for how spell/weapon should scale off of the scaling stat.
CritFactor:					Value to multiply potential damage by if the attack is a critical strike. (Server provides 0 is not a crit, and 2 if it is a crit)

A_Attack:					Attackers attack stat.
A_Defense: 					Attackers defense stat.
A_Speed:					Attackers speed stat.
A_AbilityPwr				Attackers ability power stat.
A_MagicResist:			    Attackers magic resist stat.

V_Attack:					Victims attack stat.
V_Defense: 					Victims defense stat.
V_Speed:					Victims speed stat.
V_AbilityPwr				Victims ability power stat.
V_MagicResist:			    Victims magic resist stat.


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