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[Fix Target: B6] Player touch moving event

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Error Description

I made a moving event with a fixed move route that will teleport the player to another map when it touched the player, but it only works when the player goes towards it and voluntarily comes in contact with the event. If the player stays still and the event touches the player nothing happens.

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Some changes need to be made to this system.


Here's what I'll do. I'm going to get rid of the "Player Touch" condition and change it to "Player On". The current behavior only works if the player steps onto an event. I will also make it so that if an event walks onto a player it triggers as well.


We also desperately need a trigger for "Player Bumped or Player Nudge" for when a player tries to move into a non-passable event. (Think doors). If the player tries to walk onto the event they won't be able to, but the event would then trigger in that case.


Setting this to fix target B5.

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