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Adding Party Buff, Creation's spell options.

  • Version: Beta 5 New Issue Suggestion

Hello all ! 
I have just having a suggestion to maybe add on Intersect.

One day I have try to make a class with the specification to Buff he's friends = Party Member or Guild member.

The suggestion it this one : 

When we creat a New Spell, can we get the choice to apply it on us Party Members.
Just imagine we have a CheckBox with a text like :
" This skill do Party Effect ? " 
If the skill have < Bonus > it's a possitive value,
If the skill have < Malus > it's a negative value.

This idea/suggestion can be using for Guild too !
If the guild system can have Level ranking too, we can imagine to creat some Guild Spell used only by the Guild Master ? Vice ? or Member too ? 
A special Guild Buff, who is effective when guild member are logged in the game ? 
Using the same idea, with a CheckBox : ' This skill do Guild Effect ? " .

- Arius :)

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I just saying this, cause it could work with the same logic.
And who's know if in futur the guild system will not be implanted ? :p

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We are a bit Off-Topic but;
If you know how work the Party system, doing a Guild System is a bit same, just you keep more data saved ^^ !

But as I sayed, that was an idea to add in futur if ... it's accepted :p !

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